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Octobre 2018 - Ian Caple

Le 19 octobre 2018

This summer I have been recording & mixing a new album (the third one) by english rock band Cats in Space we recorded the drums in an old manor house in the countryside in the west of England with a very old vintage Neve console. & we used the natural ambience of the rooms & stairway to get a big sound. The rest was recorded at the artists home studio & mixed at my place. It was a long process because we were trying to re create the sound of classic 70’s rock bands like Queen,ELO & Supertramp. So there were many tracks of guitars & vocal harmonies to mix ! The album will be released early next year. 
I also worked on some remixes for French artist David Assaraf. I had produced his album last year & I had the opportunity to revisit some of the songs & create some new remixes for release with the album.

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